How to lose weight fast and effectively at home

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How to lose weight quickly and effectively is an urgent question for most women and many men. We all want to achieve fast and impressive results at home. However, many of these promising ways do not satisfy us in the long run and are hard to bear.

Let’s outline what we strive for in finding an effective weight loss program:

  • Significant decrease in appetite so as not to experience an unquenchable feeling of hunger
  • Pretty fast fat loss rate (not just water! )
  • Improves well -being - physical and mental
  • Normalization of objective health indicators

For all these reasonable purposes, modern science helps us.

Below we list the key steps towards success towards a lean and healthy body.

Step 1: Limit Badly Digestible Carbohydrates

The most important part of success is removing all types of sugar and starchy foods from your diet, medium, sweet, starchy and high glycemic fruits.

This is due to the fact that these foods actively induce insulin production. It is this hormone that is directly related to fat deposition in all depots, where excess subcutaneous fat appears the least unsightly.

When insulin levels drop, the body can use fat stores - to generate energy for a lifetime.

Another positive consequence is the ability to remove excess water from the tissues, which is successfully done by the kidneys as soon as hormones everywhere stop disappearing. As a result, without special preparation, you will lose excess fluid that makes you heavier and heavier.

Not surprisingly, people on a low -carbohydrate diet lost up to 4. 5 kg in their first week. Often this figure is higher!

Amazingly, by reducing the amount of fat in food, people are still counting calories and are subjectively deficient in nutrients (they feel hungry after eating). At that time, no matter how carbohydrate -restricted the diet was, followers were able to eat to satiety.

The obvious effect of excluding sugar is the fact that hunger is markedly reduced, and satiety appears earlier. This leads to the fact that the diet is followed without voluntary effort - on autopilot. Comfortable weight loss is the old dream of millions!

Summary:Reducing carbohydrates lowers blood insulin, reduces appetite and allows you to lose excess weight without always feeling hungry.

Step 2: Eat protein, fat and vegetables

useful product for rapid weight loss

Consistency is important here: every meal must contain protein, fat, and vegetables.

By following these rules, you will automatically achieve the goal of limiting carbohydrates - in the range of 25-50 grams a day.

Let's identify a useful source of protein:

  • Meat - beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb.
  • Fish and seafood - pike perch, perch, salmon, trout, shrimp.
  • Eggs - chicken and quail.

The contribution of adequate protein intake to compilation cannot be overemphasized. By increasing the use of irreplaceable building materials for our bodies, we actively speed up metabolism.

Research shows other benefits of a protein -rich diet:

  • According to some data, the reduction of general anxiety reaches 60% (! ).
  • Reduces hunger attacks at night.
  • Improved skin, hair and nail condition.

When wondering how to lose weight fast, it is very desirable to submit to the king of nutrients - protein!

Let's list the vegetables with low amount of carbohydrates:

  • Broccoli.
  • Cauliflower.
  • Spinach.
  • White cabbage.
  • Cauliflower.
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • Cabbage.
  • Bulgarian pepper.
  • Tomato.
  • Cucumbers.
  • Celery.

View the entire list carefully: here are other secrets of a slim body! Don't be afraid to eat salad! Even 5 large plates of salad a day will not let you exceed your carbohydrate intake (25-50 grams a day).

A big bonus to a diet like this is a large amount of fiber, vitamins and mineral salts, which give the body many essential nutrients and form a high -quality periodic cleanse.

Considering the source of healing fats:

  • Olive oil.
  • Pumpkin seed oil.
  • Butter (simply).
  • And other vegetable oils.

The first two oils should be used without a filter, cold pressed, and not heated during cooking. They contain a combination of Omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids, which allow our channels and nervous system to stay strong and healthy for a long time.

Don’t make the mistake of many weight loss enthusiasts and don’t combine the two diets into one. You must choose either low carb or low fat. Otherwise, it is very easy to cut the diet critically and make it very weak in composition.

Fractional nutrition should not bore you: 3-4 times a day, in equal amounts. Or 3 main meals and 1 extra (2nd breakfast or afternoon snack).

There are many low carb recipes waiting for you on blogs and bookshelves. Make your decision - and follow his recommendations with confidence! Weight loss and well -being soon.

Conclusion:Each Food = Protein + Fat + Low Carb Vegetables. The target amount of carbohydrates per day is in the range of 25-50 grams.

Step 3: athletic gymnastics 3 times a week

physical activity to lose weight fast

This is not a critical requirement, but would be an expected addition to a successful preparation.

Very simple: 3-4 strength training per week, according to the classical algorithm, warm -up - weight lifting - stretching.

For starters, it makes sense to turn to a coach for some personal training. Then all the necessary training will be explained in detail in real time - along the way. Remember! Weighted gymnastics requires careful technique. This is the only way to avoid injury and get results quickly.

Many studies show interesting facts. Weight gain doesn’t waste a lot of special calories during exercise, but a strong urge to speed up metabolism after exercise - for 24 hours!

For young people, muscle gain is also an important gift.

However, if strength machines, kettlebells and barbells are unacceptable to you, then focus on moderate -intensity aerobic exercise - continuous for 40 minutes. Brisk walking, running, step aerobics, etc.

Summary:The best solution for physical education is strength training with weight endurance. If not, aerobic exercise will also be successful. The main thing is to move! Regularly and actively - 3-4 times a week.

Extra: carbohydrate loading once a week

For many people, the perfect day to expand the carb menu is Sunday.

While using weekends like that, you should refrain from overly harmful sugars (candy, pastries, ice cream). But you have a window for healthy carbohydrates - cereals (buckwheat, millet, rice), potatoes, fruits.

However, keep in mind once and for all - only 1 day a week. By increasing the amount of load, you stay away from the goal of a lean body without excess fat under the skin.

Consider another unavoidable situation: often after loading your weight will increase by 1-2 kilograms. However, upon returning to a normal way of eating, this weight will be quickly lost, as it is mainly composed of water stored in the tissues.

Conclusion:Once a week, you can (though not necessarily) do a carb slant in your diet using healthy sources rich in fiber and nutrients.

What about calories and serving size?

fish with vegetables and herbs for weight loss

Attention to all who are interested! Usually, on a low -carb diet, you don’t have to count calories and control portion sizes strictly. Curious? The idea is based on a healthy logic: if there is an ideal mix of "protein + fat + vegetable salad from low-glycemic vegetables" it is very difficult to overeat in terms of calories and volume.

But if you really want to count calories, use an online calculator, for example, using your cell phone. This is the fastest, most accurate and easy method.

Summary:Regardless of your calorie results, make sure your main focus is - reduce carbs to 25-50 grams a day and get your remaining calories from protein and fat.

A few more secrets of fast weight loss

See also 7 scientifically proven tips:

  1. Drink a lot of water.Accelerated metabolism and the rate of loss of excess fat mass are the main advantages of an adequate drinking regimen. On average, 1 kilogram of body weight should have 25-30 ml of pure water. Use the Japanese way: in the morning, immediately after waking up, we drink 200-300 ml of water. We divided the waste water into 3 bottles and took it with us. During inactive work, we place the bottle on the table in front of the eyes and inhale from time to time. Therefore, between meals, you can drink the entire contents of each day quietly.
  2. Drink tea and coffee.This drink has been shown to increase metabolism. Up to 3 teaspoons of coffee without slides is the average acceptable daily dose for coffee enthusiasts.
  3. Lots of protein for breakfast.Gives a feeling of high satiety and long -lasting hunger. Increased the rate of weight loss to 36% compared to those who did not supplement breakfast with protein.
  4. Fiber in the diet.Increasing the amount of soluble and insoluble fiber is a direct path to rapid weight loss, including with an emphasis on visceral fat (this is excess fat in the body, the main marker of fat deposition in the middle of the torso, especially in the front abdominal wall).
  5. Fat Burner Products. . . The product list can be found on many websites. In general, these are vegetables, green tea, sour milk and a number of fruits, packed with useful nutrients.
  6. Small plate. . . The method is simple and most effective. Any dish looks dense on a shallow plate. Add to a time -consuming dish similar to Chinese chopsticks, and meal times will be significantly extended. The satiety signal will have time to enter the brain, and you won’t have to bother to leave the schedule on time. You will stop eating easily because you will be full!
  7. Get enough sleep. . . Everything is simple and has long been proven with medication: the hormone ghrelin increases hunger and is actively produced during periods of lack of sleep. In addition, the production of leptin, which is responsible for satiety, decreases. A series of events is inevitable: no sleep at least 7-8 hours a day-no "will" to comply with restrictions due to strong hunger-excess fat mass and lack of confidence in their abilities. So, get enough sleep to break this vicious circle!

How fast can you lose weight?

In the first week after switching to the above -mentioned nutritional system, a person loses from 2. 5 to 5 kilograms of his or her original weight. In the following weeks, the rate of weight loss fluctuated in regions 1-2. 5 kg.

In addition, the classical rules for healthy physiology also work:

  • Newcomers to the diet attempt to lose weight faster.
  • For experienced warriors, the effort to lose weight is slower.
  • Those with large excesses also had a faster pace compared to their less obese counterparts.

However, everyone is losing weight!

The first time (up to a week), should be considered a rather strange state of health. This is indisputable in the transition to burning your own fat stores to ensure vital body functions.

Many people on low -carbohydrate diets report increased energy, vigor, optimism, no episodes of fatigue and drowsiness, and stability of these positive manifestations from day to day.

Despite years of stubborn dietitians in their recommendations to reduce fat, the opposite - reducing carbohydrates - leads to measurable positive consequences:

  • Normalization of blood sugar levels.
  • Triglyceride levels decrease.
  • Low -density ("bad") cholesterol.
  • Increased high -density ("good") cholesterol.
  • Stabilization of blood pressure within normal limits.

And the most gratifying benefit is that when carbs are low, the diet is easier to follow! That is, mentally, emotionally and physically, you will feel better than if you cut fat regardless of carbohydrates.

Thus, the health benefits are the coordination of carbohydrate and fat metabolism and mental and somatic well -being.

You don’t have to starve to lose weight!

A separate warning for everyone with any chronic illness: check with your doctor before going on a diet!

Above, we have listed the main benefits of a low -carb diet. Now you know how to lose weight, and not just quickly, but 2-3 times faster than on a balanced diet that requires calorie counting and fat restriction.

Medical science has received a lot of evidence that a low -carbohydrate diet rebuilds hormonal balance toward a fat burner vector. We have gathered evidence to improve overall health. We know hundreds of thousands of reviews about well-being in the process of such a diet, about high satiety, about increased vitality and increased efficiency. That’s why our answer to the question "how to lose weight quickly and effectively at home" is a low -carb diet.